What Our Clients Say

  •   Horrible human being very dishonest. I took my car in to get my brakes changed and they charged me 600 dollars and didn't do anything I found out 3 weeks later from another shop in ob that no brakes had been put in or anything was done the other shop showed me my car the parts and all that they were doing. Do not trust these people

    thumb Juliana A.

      Had a great experience with them about 6 years ago, so when I had another issue, I went back expecting the same.  Totally different experience the 2nd time and there will definitely NOT be a 3rd. Knocking sound on my front end when idling at lights etc.  I was totally scared it was something in my engine...turns out, it was my front plastic loose bumper making the noise...(they called to let me know), said they could fix it for something like $200 (ish)...I say ok great.  They called back a little bit later and had some other service re: bearings or something like that (I think) they said, it doesn't look like they've ever been changed.  We can do it but with all the labor, it will be like $600. My car's old, I say that's a lot of $ for me to spend, is this something that's worth it to keep my car running etc.  They "recommend" it.  I pick up my car at the end of the day and have close to a $900 bill.  The bill didn't really have any details other than the bumper and when I looked at it closer, there weren't any details re: the $600 charge.  I should have called back and questioned it.  This is my fault.  I accept that I got taken for the $600 charge.  I should have requested to see exactly what they did, but...that's not the worst part.  My car started making the same knocking noise after a couple months (assumed it was loose bumper again).  I looked at it myself only to discover all they had done was use a plastic zip tie to attach.  Yep a plastic zip tie that costs about $1.00 in materials (and less than 5 minutes of work) and they charged me $250.  For.A.Plastic.Zip.Tie.  The guy seemed a little shady from the start but I dismissed my uneasy "he's totally gonna overcharge me" feeling because my previous experience had been great (different guy, older, more mature, very nice). Will never go back, totally taken advantage of financially.  Do not recommend.

    thumb h f.
  •   These guys were great.  I dropped by with a tire that had a slow leak and they were able to patch it quickly at a reasonable charge.

    thumb Scot L.

      I brought my car in for an oil change and tire rotation.  The staff was friendly and I told them I'd walk over to get my car later after work.  When I returned they told me they didn't rotate my tires because they were "bald" and gave me a price for a set of 4 new tires.  I was suspicious because my car isn't that old so I declined the new tires.  Fast forward 5 months until my next oil change... I brought my car to the dealership, and they told me I still had at least another year left on my tires.

    thumb Nick M.
  •   I went to this shop to repair to my car, the guys were so awesome and helpful, and I would like to thank these guys for what they have done for me. And I recommend people to go to this place because the workers are helpful and the prices are fair.

    thumb Jason T.

      They replaced a windshield. It now leaks. These guys are unwilling to do anything to fix the situation. Spend your money elsewhere and get the job done by real professionals where they gaurentee their work.

    thumb Scott S.
  •   Michael and crew are a great team, I will come back here for any issues. My Camaro had a check engine light which was telling them to make a $1k+ repair. They suggested we try a $50 solution first which I can say has worked perfectly two months later.

    thumb Mike M.

      Went above and beyond to help me out with a flat tire only a few blocks from the shop. Incredibly reasonable price and friendly crew!

    thumb Hannah L.
  •   I'm an OB local and as referred to this place buy another local car repair place for tire and alignment work.  It's was simply, great experience here.  The manager was nice, easy to chat with, and gave me a straight-forward good price. No hidden fees or up-selling.  It felt great doing business here.  Plus, the turn around time on the work was swift.  Highly recommend.

    thumb Brandon P.

      2 different "fixes" for the exact same, very dangerous, problem (car shutting off while driving) and they still were unable to actually diagnose the problem correctly.

    First stating a bad batter then when bringing it back in for exact same problem stating a bad computer chip. Fast forward ~$500 later and 2 AAA tows and vehicle shuts off again while we were driving.

    Took it to the Jeep dealership this time they diagnosed it properly and had the fixed. Dealership stated that all of these "fixes" were unnecessary had the real problem been addressed.

    Customer service was very crappy when I came in the 2nd time and stating exact same problems and wanting an explanation of why the first was necessary and why this one should work.

    Would not recommend. There are several other repair shops in OB, safe yourself a lot of $$ and a headache and take it to one of them.

    thumb Brittany B.
  •   We came to San Diego on a retreat and are not from the area. We desperately needed tires before going back on the road and these men are the best. We we're running late and I was being very impatient, which I apologize whole heartedly for, but the man handling our payment was patient with me and took care of us. They put two new tires on our car and the price was unbeatable. Back in our home town, it would've cost way more than what they charged. They serve with excellent courtesy and customer service. If we we're from San Diego, this would be our main mechanic shop. Wishing the business the best to come their way!

    thumb Engeline P.

      I had a flat tire on my vacation and Ocean Beach Tire came to the rescue!  Prompt, beyond reasonably priced service.  Thank you tons!!!!

    thumb B C.
  •   My car broke down out of no where. Ended up being my starter. I called around got a few quotes, this place was honest, friendly, and super fast! Got my car back in under 3 hours, very fairly priced!

    thumb Kelsey M.

      We just left!  This place is great.  We noticed we had a tire issue but needed to get on the road home (5 hour drive).  They took less than an hour to fix it.  Started working on it right away.  Friendly, great price, efficient, accommodating!  If I'm in the area again and need help I know where to go.  Thx guys!

    thumb Kerry P.
  •   I needed new rear tires anyway and then had a flat so my decision was made quickly.  I did some research and checked prices and brands of tires sold at various "chains" that have gotten good reviews. Then I came up OB Tire and Auto Repair and spoke to Javier.  He's extremely courteous and helpful and suggested a high quality tire at a price better than anyone else.  The time it took to change the tires, rotate and balance was exactly what he told me it would be - 1 1/2 hours.  Next time I know where to go and won't have to shop around when I need tires again.

    thumb Cynthia B.

      So I came up to San Diego for a night and the next morning my car broke down. I brought it to another shop just before and they were extremely rude and their prices were insane!
    I can honestly say I am EXTREMELY pleased with my experience here. Hadeer and Alfredo were incredibly courteous and understanding that I was in a hurry to get back to Phoenix, and they did a speedy, yet efficient job on fixing my issue. I thought I knew what I needed done and they refused to just do it and recommended a diagnostic because they would rather have it done right and me be safe on the road. I'm so happy they did because they saved me money in the long run; I'm an idiot and thought I knew what I was talking about.
    If you ever find yourself in OB and needing car repairs, do yourself a favor and stop in here. And the beach is a short 2 block walk away so you can soak up some rays while you wait. Couldn't be happier!

    thumb Paige W.