What Our Clients Say

  •   These guys are the best. Super honest and trustworthy, which is SO important when choosing an auto shop to give your business to. I had a hard time choosing a new shop when I relocated to OB from NorCal. These guys have taken care of my Subaru and always tell me when something is not needed or can wait. I recommend you take your car to our friends here at OB Tire & Auto Repair!

    thumb Tanner M.

      Great service, no bullshit and super fast turnaround.  I always get nervous using mechanics near the beach assuming it will be more expensive that taking my vehicles out to east county... don't waste your time. Great value

    thumb Ryan J.
  •   Honest and legit.  Went for a valve stem repair.  Had it done in a half an hour with no charge.  I insisted they take a minimal payment as their skill-set was on full display and saved me at least 2 to 3 hours at any most other shops.

    Thanks for being a business Ocean Beach can be proud of.

    thumb anthony r.

      I brought in my Mini Countryman because my check engine light was on, and the place I got my oil change gave me some codes to give them. $95 diagnostic fee. I was dreading the results since parts for Mini's are expensive. Well, they checked everything and it turned out it was a false alarm. It was a code for low oil that just didn't reset after my oil change a few days prior. They did see that my brake warning light was on. I knew they needed replaced, but was putting it off because I barely drove anywhere because of COVID. And my last quote was $1400 for rotors and new brakes. I was pleasantly surprised when they quoted me $340 and reduced my original diagnostic fee to $50. Out the door for under $400. Totally reasonable prices and honest work. I will be bringing my car here for all future services.

    thumb Jocelyn T.
  •   These guys are great. Came here because after getting an alignment at my usual shop, my tires got eaten up real fast. I came here and they told me my inner tie rods were bent. I thought they were pulling my leg because I just replaced them last year. They ordered the new parts and showed me the old ones and sure enough, they were bent. When the new ones came in, one of the rods were bent. So they had to order another one again. Glad I was referred to this place from a friend. They gave me a great deal on new tires for the front that were pretty much toast. They even tighten things up that they found was loose. This will be my go to shop from now on.

    thumb Beef D.

      I had a minor noise coming from the front right area by the tire of my Mazda CX-5. As it turned out it was simple to fix. A few of the shims on my brake pads were missing. They replaced them for a  very reasonable price, and I also thought their $95 charge for diagnosing the problem was fair.
    When they called to tell me my car was ready for pickup, I said I'd call a neighbor. They asked where I lived and when I said 2 1/2 miles away, they said they'd come by right away and take me to the shop. How often can someone still get that type of service? I'm guessing it hardly ever happens, especially for a new customer.
    On the way back, we talked about the business and how long it has been in the family. I believe it's been something like 25 years.
    One of their core values is  to charge reasonable prices and repair only what's wrong. I'm sure many businesses tell clients things need to be fixed or repaired that have nothing wrong with them.
    I highly recommend this business for their business ethics, being fair and reasonable, as well as being very friendly and professional.

    thumb Cynthia B.
  •   Great spot with a low price. The service was fast and the brothers that own this place understand customer service.

    thumb Sal H.

      Wally and the guys here do great work! Friendly, fast, and affordable. Wish there were more shops like this around SD

    thumb Marcus J.
  •   I live nearby and love supporting local. I once had a pleasant conversation with the guys here months back about my tires. Nice enough guys.
    Today however I talked with a guy named Michael about plugging a tire. The hole was in the easiest spot possible to plug, right in the middle of tread of tire. He took one look at my tires and started trying to up sell me on a set I didn't need. I told him the tires are fine (if you don't know how to gauge your own tires google it, it's easy)... essentially the market in between the tire wasn't even being worn. They probably have another 6 months left in them. Anyhow, we both knew the tire was able to be plugged, and we both knew the tire would last another 6 months if it was plugged. However, Michael wouldn't do it. He only wanted to sell me some tires, and not help me out and plug mine for time being. Too bad, could of had me coming back in months later to buy two set of brand new tires.
    Long story short, don't let guys try to hustle you into spending a ton of money on knew tires.
    I went to Discount Tire off Midway today right after this situation and they plugged my tire and sent me off *free if charge* in half an hour. I'll probably end up buying my tires from here since they helped me out. Moral of this extended review, BE GOOD AND HONEST TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! Especially if you're a small business.

    thumb Garet S.

      The motor to my window broke and wouldn't fully close. I went here to get it fixed and they did an awesome job! Finished the same day within a few hours. Great job, thanks Michael

    thumb Taylor A.